Every year, thousands of movies get released and with each passing year, the number of films is increasing. Well, with the help of digital media and OTT platforms, it helps to engage with the global audiences. With the increasing number of movies and global audience the movies do wonders in the box office and creates magnificent records.

 We love to binge-watch movies to refresh our moods and discovering different genres is like a cherry on the top. But, today’s generation is in love with sci-fi movies the most. Aliens, time travel, astronauts, you name it we love it. However, only some selected people hate fantasy/ sci-fi films and when it comes to sci-fi movies every Indian tends to blindly trust Hollywood to binge watch some of the greatest Sci-fi movies. 

Well, apart from the sci-fi movies helmed by Hollywood or Bollywood directors are you aware of Bengali sci-fi films which have left a mark over the years. If you haven’t let us enlighten you. 


  1. The Alien


  1. Patalghar


  1. Professor Shonku o El Dorado


  1. Friend


  1. Khasi Katha


  1. Jole Jongole


  1. Abby Sen