During troubled times, we get to know the true traits and empathy of any human. Dev an on-screen hero and one of the leading Bengali Superstar. However, during the pandemic, we realized this guy is also a real-life hero. 

Be it bringing back migrant workers from Jammu & Kashmir, students from Russia or from Dubai during the pandemic. Or be it helping the elderly resident of Belgharia who sells masks to make his living. The actor - MP believes and continues to do the good work silently within his means. 

Recently, a resident of Jadavpur Shyampally Malay Das was tested positive for COVID-19 and after his situation deteriorated. He was failing to find a bed in KPC Medical College and Hospital a COVID-19 dedicated hospital. However, the authorities told the man to get in touch with the state health department. Only, after the state health department calls, then he'll be admitted in the hospital. 

The heart-wrenching news took social media by storm. Dev noticed the tweet and immediately asked his team to contact the patient's family. After which, the family received a call from the health department and a COVID-19 designated ambulance was sent and the actor was admitted to Bangur Hospital. 

Dev took to his twitter handle and requested everyone to help the COVID-19 infected patients, he wrote, “At the end of the day, we are all in this together. Request everyone to help anyone in need during this time, be it in whatever capacity. Please help. A COVID patient left on the street today could be someone your own tomorrow. So please help. Please,”

Dev further said, I feel ashamed and horrible to see people miss behaving with COVID patients and families. This is inhuman. 

This man is a gem, he's doing his bit for the state and nation, most importantly for the people.