Dr Krishnendu Chatterjee's Ka Kha Ga Gha is a chapter form his own life story. The film though an apparent comedy has a message in it. The rib tickling humour brings forth the struggle of those who come to test their luck in the film industry.

“I am just extremely happy that I could finally give a shape to my dream. It was a great experience to work with legends like Kaushik Ganguly, Aparajita Addhya and Paran Bandhopadhay. In this film I actually relived my own journey in this industry,” beemed the director at the music launch of his film Ka Kha Ga Gha. The entire cast and crew of the film are awaiting it’s release with bubbling excitement.

While actors like Aparajita Addya would be seen playing roles that these actors already master in Sayoni Ghosh was offered the role of a suburban sweet Bengali girl, who is deeply in love with her boyfriend, played by Sourav Das.

The “kucchur mucchur” music done by Music Director Anindya Chatterjee has added on to the flavour of the film. “The independence and weird plots that I were given were both satisfying and challenging. I have tried to add more meaning to the film with my music and I hope it will be applauded by the audience,” chirped the Chandra Bindu founder member Anindya Chatterjee.

In association with Amara Muzic the musicians associated with this film ahs untiringly tried to give a better expression to the emotions of the film. From Rupam Islam to Arijit Singh all have done justice to their role plays in this film.

Ka  Kha Ga Gha a Krishna Movies Production, is expected to be both a fun relief and an eye opener for the viewers.