The 65th Filmfare Awards, which was held in the land of one-horned Rhinos ‘Awesome Assam’ on 15th February. Filmfare Awards 2020 created a buzz not because Gully Boy owned the night as the movie bags, 13 black lady. Desi Twitter was divided into two halves with people congratulating the team of Gully Boy for creating history and others decided to trend #Boycottfilmfare as netizens believe the prestigious Indian awards night was biased.

Salman Khan didn’t attend the award function as he was hosting the finale of BB13 but I believe that wasn’t the only reason why the Superstar didn’t attend the award function.

Well, it’s because Mr Khan thinks these award shows are ‘Stupid’. Yes, you did read it right, as it’s said, dene wala jab bhi deta, deta chappar phar ke. An old video of young Salman Khan bashing the star-studded award night went viral.

The Bhaijaan of Bollywood is fierce and bold, he speaks what he feels is right or wrong not being bothered about what others are going to think. In the video, the Dabbang Khan can be heard saying, I think the people who don't have confidence in themselves want awards. I won't go up and pick Filmfare or any stupid award. National Award mile toh that's prestigious. That I'll go and pick.

Salman further adds, the magazine which is running on our strength. Humare aur baki stars ke interview pe magazine chal raha hai aur woh humhe he bulate hain aur bolte hain, we’re giving you an award, come and dance. Then they send it to Pan Parag and Manikchand and we are like idiots.. suit-boot pehen ke baithe hai aur award le rahe hai. It will be like tomorrow my driver, spot boy and my make-up man will say that baba aaj hum aapko award dete hai. That's stupid!

Every time an old video of Salman Khan goes viral it creates havoc in the media. Well, Salman Khan is not the only one who boycotts Award functions from our tinsel town. But, no one ever gave such a strong statement like Bhaijaan. Desi Twitter is rooting for Salman Khan and his honesty!