An actor, physics olympiad, philanthropist and entrepreneur Sushant Singh Rajput. He started his career from television and made his way to the silver screen.

Sushant looked up to the Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan and wished to create history. On 14th June, Sushant died by suicide at the age of 34, as confirmed by the Mumbai Police.

The man who was loved by millions encouraged the television stars to keep their dream of being a Bollywood star alive. Sushant had one of the most charming smile in the industry and a heart of billion. Which many of the big stars lacked!

Sushant's death completely, shook all of us wondering how someone so young, so talented and successful ended his life. The man was battling depression for a long time and for the past 6 months, he was under medication.

After Sushant's death, many questions were raised, and people in India are finally talking about mental health. Physical scars can be seen, psychological trauma can't be seen it needs to be felt. Which's why mental health which seeks more attention is highly neglected.

People are now talking after Sushant took his life, what he was going through. But, when he was there few looked out for him and a few didn't. We'll never know what he felt, cause he took the pain with himself.

The term 'depression' is beyond understanding, everyone out there, it includes you and me too. We are fighting our own fights and many people don't feel like talking about it. Wondering others will judge or laugh at their problems because it's not as big as their problem.

The problem lies here, if someone speaks to you listen to them try to help them. Rather than comparing his/her problem with yours. People are ranting on social media, speak up before you give up. Well yes, people need to talk and share what they feel, but it's not as easy as said.


At times, it's very difficult to talk about mental health issues in India or to our close ones, due to a lack of understanding about it and the taboos surrounding the topic. Some people succumb to their pain cause they fail to express their grief to their loved ones and they decide to fight their own battles.
We don’t know what goes on the inside, while it looks completely different from the outside!
Stop asking them to seek help and start observing. If you see your loved one are not doing well. Yet, they're not expressing it, poke them to the core, so they speak up. At times, some don't wish to talk about their problems, but if you notice they might talk to you.
Stop talking and asking people to seek help. Rather start observing and lend your ear only when you wish to help them not to back bitch about them. Before, they decide to end their pain.
People say 'Suicide' is a cowardly act! Well, try to control your breath for one minute, then you might understand it takes a lot of strength to do that when dying feels easier or better than living.
I can help you sounds better than wish I could've helped you, look out for your loved ones and yourself.