It breaks our heart saying, women are still not safe from the devil eyes globally. Public transport makes us believe so, at times. 

Even though we say, we don’t need ladies compartment or ladies seats. Certain incidents prove women do need ladies seats or compartments.

In Kolkata on 1st January (what a welcoming start to the new year), a 23-year-old girl was harassed, assaulted and her right to privacy was invaded in broad daylight by an older man. 

As per the reports of TOI, the woman claims that the 42-year-old stalker was clicking her photographs on his mobile. She even confronted him, to which he replied, I’m clicking selfies and you’re making a fuss out of nothing. 

However, when she noticed the man is still doing the same, she went up to him and asked him for his phone so she could delete her pictures. It was then that the man pushed her and tried to elope. The woman shouted and blocked his way while dialling the police emergency number.

By that time, the bus halted at a crossing and a nearby police van noticed the commotion that was happening inside the bus. Officers intervened, nabbed the stalker, and seized his phone. 

The device has now been sent for forensic examination.

We appreciate the woman for her presence of mind and bravery. 

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