We have earlier seen a lot of articles about Bengali Moms there's hardly a few about Dads. They deserve the attention too, how are they?
They look serious but their sense of humour is commendable. Most of the time their faces look grumpy because of their not so well-trimmed moustache, but they can be the coolest dad. Yeah I am talking about Bengali Dads. So here is a sneak peek of some common and unavoidable traits our Bengali Dads have:

8 Things You Can Relate To Every Bengali Dad In The World

1. A cute tummy is a must have for them.  They make other men envious because of this.  P.S- These cute tummies have experienced the tastes of various cuisines. Even you will fall short in front of the list. Our moms are proud of it.

2. Most of the Bengali Dads are book worms. A small library takes place in their houses. Sherlock homes and Feluda series are on the top of the boklist.

3. They seem to be very serious and angry at first. But if they get into the comfort zone, they are the funniest dad. Remember the Bong Dad of ‘Vickey Donor’.

4. Rabindranath Tagore-the idol of most of the Bengali Dads. They think your house is not well decorated until you have ‘Rabindra Rachanabali’ in your bookshelf.


5. If you are a daughter of a Bengali Dad, you don’t need to be scared of getting married. Because they want you to be independent at first. For them marriage is just a part of life. Remember the character played by Big B in ‘Piku’.

6. All Bengali dads are foodie. “Eating is an art”, the artistic Bengali Dads think. You don’t need to check Zomato for the review of any old restaurant. Because the critics stays at your home.


7. Bengali Dads and fish markets have a strong connection. They cannot skip hopping the fish markets in morning.  They are satisfied if they are successful at bargaining.

8. They start their morning with a newspaper and a cup of tea. Otherwise the day is considered as an incomplete day. If they find any major issues on the newspaper, they immediately start discussing about it. You never dare to contradict his opinion. Otherwise your whole will witness only a debate. 


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