Last year taught us so many things and one thing each one of us learnt, certain works can be done remotely. It did feel good, no hassle for commute, no one can eat our favourite lunch but one thing about remote working which certainly many of us don’t like. People forget the notion of personal and professional space because people expect their employees to work 24*7. 

Recently, a woman took to her Twitter handle and shared how her sister’s boss complained cause she wasn’t available over the weekends like her male colleagues. Her sister works as a data scientist and her boss wanted her to work like her fellow male colleagues who never turn off their workstations. 

Why? Do you have work extra? Just do what you have been asked to boys!

The lady further mentioned, how women bear more responsibility as compared to a man during work from home. With the office work, women do have to manage the household chores. Apart from that, it’s inadequate to ask someone to work 24*7. Irrespective of your gender. 

Working for long hours can be harmful for your health and mental health. 

See how netizens reacted to this confession: 

If you hear someone say, what work do you have at home apart from office work? Tell them we can do the cooking and cleaning. So don’t expect way too much.