Dogs are humans best friend and almighty is the saviour of every human.  We visit temples to pray and seek blessings from god. Well, if you visit Siddhininayak Temple in Siddhatek, Maharastra, which is dedicated to Hindu God Ganesha. If you love doggo’s, then you should visit Siddhivinayak for a ‘pawsome’ delight.  

Recently, a  video has gone viral on social media, leaving the netizens go ‘awww , we don’t deserve doggos’.

In the video, we can see an indie dog shaking hands and blessing the devotees exiting the temple. She can be seen seating quietly on a stone block beside the exit. 

Check out the video, if you haven’t watched it yet!

Netizens couldn’t keep their calm and said they can't wait to visit Siddhivinayak just to be blessed by the doggo! However, social media is divided into two half as some believe the dog is hungry and she might be asking for food. 

Check out the comments: 

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