India encountered its first coronavirus case on January 30 in Kerala, which was first acknowledged as "not our problem" as it was a deadly outbreak in China. By the mid of March, it was 'our problem' as COVID-19 started hitting numerous Indian households. 
India is currently the worst-hit country with the largest number of confirmed cases in Asia. We are at the third spot with the highest number of cases after the United States of America and Brazil. 
The total number of 34,956 new cases has been recorded across the country in the past 24 hours making India cross the million mark. We have crossed 10 Lakh mark on 17th July with 1.04 million active cases and 26,273 death. 
The only good thing about the pandemic in India is we have a great recovery rate compared to other countries in the world. 
When India went into lockdown, it only had 519 confirmed cases across the country. However, our government reopened almost everything apart from school, colleges, sports event, movie theatres to enhance the business and to help the country's GDP to grow amid a spike in Virus cases. 
Shortly, after Unlock 1.0 the number of cases started to increase by easing the impact of India's lockdown. Regardless of our Prime Minister asking the citizens to follow the norms. Certain Indian citizens are breaking the guidelines of COVID-19 or can be said are rigid to follow the norms.
Netizens are not at all pleased with the government and their decision of UNLOCKING when the country had numerous active cases. People are sarcastically praising the Indian government for achieving this victory in such a short span of time.