In India, the total number of Covid-19 cases rose to 567K and 16.893 people have lost their lives to the deadly virus and 335K have recovered. Tracking the global outbreak 10.3 million are tested positive, 5.24 million have recovered while the death toll to 506K
Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. This is the biggest epidemic of the last 100 years, people are scared with the increasing number of cases and widespread of the virus. 
We have been stuck inside for three months, sheltering from the deadly Covid-19. Despite our despite efforts to protect ourselves, we fear, if somehow you caught the coronavirus from a delivery person or a door handle at the grocery store even if our headaches.
During the unprecedented times, people have started being more concerned about their neighbours well being. Many people frequently keep an eye on them, not out of love because of the fear of COVID-19. If anyone feels sick, word travels faster that person is Covid-19 positive without even being sure of it. 
People are experiencing harrowing and humiliating victimisation at the hands of their neighbours. Even if students are returning home, the society or neighbours are calling the police on them, harassing their family, even though they're not positive and self-isolating themselves, because of the fear of being infected. 
That's not it, the country is reporting cases of doctors, nurses, and other frontline warriors of the battle, being shunned by others for fear of being infected. This includes the threat of being evicted from their apartments. 
COVID positive patients are being threatened, attacked and humility. Some people are forced to leave their apartments, locality and are being treated as untouchables. 
Ministers and authorities have appealed to the people to not panic numerous times. But, the increasing number of harassment cases being reported portrays how panic is winning over protection. 
Jeeo King & Queen has taken the initiative to educate and spread awareness about the victimisation on COVID positive patients, frontline warriors and the fear of being infected. 
The best cardiologist of Eastern India, Dr KUNAL SARKAR, Sr Cardiac Surgeon, Head MICS, Senior Vice Chairman, Cardiac Services, Medica Group, will be going LIVE on 2nd July at 11 am for an awareness program on the present scenario of Covid-19 panic, abuse and protection at Jeeo King & Queen. 
It is time for all people to be vigilant to take on Covid-19. Don't panic and stress over the pandemic. Comment below if you have any queries and want to know it from the expert.