As soon as your electronic device starts ageing, they turn into hotness. That one kind of hotness which we don't wish our gadgets to adapt with. We are aware of laptops, phones, chargers and adapters having the overheating capacity. But have you thought, you can bake cookies on them? 

Yes, you read it right! Recently, a fellow Twitterati shared images of baking choco-chip cookie on his MacBook charger. The post instantly garnered the attention of netizens as it has more than 397,000 likes and around 40K retweets. 

The series of pictures showed the transition of how a ball of cookie dough turned into a choco-chip cookie.  Well, people quickly agreed this can be true as from their experience they know how quickly their chargers get heated up while charging. 

See how netizens reacted to the viral post:


It can even be fake but we might still believe it does have the potential to bake cookies, cook eggs XD. 

What do you guys think?