It's said India was too quick to enforce lockdown at the very first stage as compared to other countries. This move was appreciated by WHO, when India went into lockdown, it only had 519 confirmed cases across the country. 

India is currently the worst-hit country with the largest number of confirmed cases in Asia. We are in the third spot with the highest number of cases after the United States of America and Brazil.  We are currently in the unlock phase to boost India's economy which was in a standstill due to the pandemic and uncertain lockdown. 

The Indian government released Unlock 3 guidelines today, regardless the country has 15 lakh coronavirus cases and the daily spike of positive cases is near about 50,000 per day across the country. 

Things you need to know about UNKLOCK3 :

  • Night curfew from 10 pm to 5 am has been scrapped completely.
  • Gyms and Yoga institutes will be reopened, which are not in containment zones. 
  • Educational Institutions, public parks, pub, metro rail operations, trains, swimming pool and theatres will remain closed. 
  • There'll be restrictions in every sphere which includes large gatherings. 

Well, the government also revealed Independence Day function will be held with strict protective measures.