Kolkata, 26th July 2018, Thursday: Popularly known as Diagold, the fine designer jewellery brand unveiled its all new identityas VARDA GOENKA - Fine Jewels by DIAGOLD in line with its makeover initiative. Celebrated actress RituparnaSengupta along with Ms. VardaGoenka herself did the honour of disclosing the brand’s crisp persona to the media and public. On the notable occasion VARDA GOENKA - Fine Jewels by DIAGOLD also launched two of its latestjewellerycollections –Lush Glory &Chique Repertoire- Festive & Contemporary respectively.

Breathing a new vibe in the brand with its new identity, Diagold undergoes a renovation to present VARDA GOENKA - Fine Jewels by DIAGOLD, a refined entity that stands for Innovation, Customer service and Value. Adding a whiff of novelty this transferal also reflects in design accents and store modulation. The ever-altering trends and customer penchants has been the reason behind the remodeling and has been welcomed with vigor.

At the juncture the brand also launched twonewestjewellery collections in sync with its new design appeal. While Lush Glory embraces trends for the upcoming celebratory season creating ethereal jewels, Chique Repertoire extends classic and eternal options that fancy the millennial.

Elated on the occasion, Ms. VardaGoenka, Founder & Creative Director,VARDA GOENKA - Fine Jewels by DIAGOLD shared, “The new entity has been created with a clear vision-To become a jewellery label that represents innovation in design, customer service and value-laden jewellery products that appeal to a niche audience for diamond jewellery. We continue to excel in our offering in our attempt to bid the best to our patrons. With this new persona I am certain that our customers will a lot more reasons to come back to us again and again.”