Nandan- No it is not a posh multiplex but it is the heart of the city. “Nandan e adda “is a lifeline to many. This part of the city has also witnessed the love birds proposing, confessing and discussing life stories. Apart from the time of the film festivals this treasure of Calcutta is a delight to visit during this time of the year. The Basanto Utsav at Nandan truly splatters your rest of the year with beautiful shades of colour. Visitors from all part of the city can take an active participation in playing with colours during this time .Cost- effective yet the perfect “thek” for the bongs.

Rabindra Sadan- The cultural hub of the city should be your destination this Holi if you want to just sit back and see through the kaleidoscope of colour, dance and music. The programmes staged here range from dance dramas to musical orchestras. These cultural events magnifies the essence of colours in our lives.


College Street – Amidst the smell of old books let’s splash colours on each other this Holi. Holi begins here almost a week early as the college students start having their share of fun much prior to the actual date of the festival. From” Abir “to “Banduray rong” all are available at this stop. Also the Holi special “Bhaang” available in water bottles add on to the fervour of the festival.

Rabindra Bharati University Campus- If it is Holi celebration begins here a day early. If one cannot make it to Birbhum this season, Jorasanko Thakur Bari is going to present before you a Holi of a similar manner. Music, dance, fun and frolic are a part and parcel of the “Dol Jatra” here. Also an array of Bengali delicacies like Gujiya, Kheer and Thandai are a part of the celebration.